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Nancy and Dan have engaged three land stewardship internships for the 2018 Land Stewardship season in Door County. Dan presented the "Stewardship Quickstart" idea to the Green Bay Conservation Partners Spring Roundtable. Year One has begun!

Big Bird Day for Dan Collins 01 April 2017 - sighted and documented American Bittern at Bay Shore Blufflands!! First of year in all Wisconsin! Hanging out in our restored sedge meadow! A once in a lifetime experience.

Working in wetland

Beginning our third decade of ecological restoration planning and implementation, land stewardship, citizen science, and conservation master planning. To date, over 2,000 hours of field work from Landscapes of Place - plus the tremendous  stewardship work of others, for years!

Carex lupulina

Current floristic quality assessment: n = 296, FQI = 94.5 (updated 2017).  Still counting, and still pressing specimens for our herbarium.

"...To me, [Bay Shore Blufflands] represents hope at a time when critical wildlife habitat and scenic open space is being lost at an unprecedented rate... Land preservation success stories are more important now than ever before and the Blufflands will forever serve as a model for how passionate people can make a lasting difference."

Dan Burke, "A Place of Hope", The Nature of Door, Edited by Norbert Blei and Karen Yancey, Cross+Roads Press, Copyright Door County Land Trust 2006

Order Bay Shore Blufflands Community Conservation Plan

Bay Shore Blufflands Plan cover
Karst and Wetlands in the neighborhood of Bay Shore Blufflands, 2015 Landscapes of Place
Karst and Wetlands in the neighborhood of Bay Shore Blufflands, 2015 Landscapes of Place


Wetland seasons

Project Work:

Conservation Master Plan
Conservation Master Plan complete!

Download plan documents (via dropbox)

(see "Conservation Master Plan for Bay Shore Blufflands State Natural Area")
Bay Shore Blufflands Conservation Planning Process

Bay Shore Blufflands Conservation Master Plan Process poster (3.8M), Midwest-Great Lakes SER Conference, April 2014, for Wisconsin Coastal Management Program

SWG Final Report

State Wildlife Grant September 2013 Final Report.

100 m-2 quadrat sampling
State Wildlife Grant September 2012 Interim Report.
January 2012 Stew Crew

State Wildlife Grant June 2012 kiosk progress poster.

road scar remediation video still

Check out Dan's Road Scar Remediation progress video at Bay Shore Blufflands Preserve. From our 2007-2009 DNR Landowner Incentive Program grant ("Habitat Enhancement for Lands within the Bay Shore Blufflands SNA").

Dan's Orchid Paper

Dan, DCLT video

Dan Collins featured in Door County Today TV Show about the Door County Land Trust at Bay Shore Blufflands Preserve.


Before! (2008)
Before! (2008). We'd already been working here, removing invasive exotic reed canary grass.
After (2014), ongoing
After (2014), ongoing. Native sedges, grasses, hippuris, sparghanium, more!

"Several groups have recognized the Bay Shore Blufflands (Carlsville Bluff) as a significant natural habitat in the last 20 years. In 1976, the Door County Natural Heritage Program ranked the area as an important scenic wetland and forest resource area. In this study the forest was ranked 5th among 15 Door County areas... In 1977, the Wisconsin Coastal Atlas rated the area as high quality wildlife habitat. In 1981, a U.S. Fish and Wildlife conducted inventory of the Great Lakes coastal wetlands identified and classified the forested wetlands of this site. In 1988, Dr. Jim Zimmerman in his natural features inventory of Door County concluded the Carlsville forest, escarpment, and terraced wetlands were deserving of WDNR Natural Area status."

A Guide to Significant Wildlife Habitat and Natural Areas of Door County, WI, March 2003; produced through the collective efforts of federal, state and local government agencies, local conservation organizations and citizen advocates


Photo Documentation

Bay Shore Blufflands Restoration Photo Documentation

Progress in the natural areas under restoration and management. Albums are arranged most recent first.


Bay Shore Blufflands - Wikipedia


Bay Shore Blufflands State Natural Area #377


Trails information 

Current Trail Map (pdf)

The Nature of Door

Order "The Nature of Door"

Proceeds support Door County Land Trust.

Zimmerman map

Zimmerman Map, Southern Door

(3.3M pdf, digitally stitched from source: Door County Environmental Council)


Before and after
Same-day before-and-after, Phalaris manual mgmt in effective conditions, ash swamp/ephemeral wetland

Range of techniques
Range of techniques over the season in effective Phalaris control protocol developed at this site

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